Sant SadurnÝ d'Anoia - Capital del Cava Ajuntament de Sant SadurnÝ d'Anoia
A history of vines & cava in Sant SadurnÝ d'Anoia
Imatge actual Caves Vilarnau
  • Discover the fascinating world of Cava at the Cava Centre. You will learn about cava from a fresh perspective through an immersive, interactive and fun-packed experience.

    The first cava with a Vilarnau label was born in 1949 when the Cuscˇ family began selling cava from grapes grown from the ancient vineyards of the Can Petit estate and Les Planes de Vilarnau.

    Placed amidst an incomparable enclave, Vilarnau is surrounded by vineyards, Mediterranean forests and the wonderful views of the Montserrat mountains. Visitors can experience at first-hand the different grape varieties grown on the estate and the complexity of integrated agriculture used. The architecture and design of the cellar, with its long straight lines that combined with the vineyards, inviting visitors to both abstraction and enjoyment of nature and cava. The interior was designed by the famous artist Antoni Mirˇ, who created a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    Visit with health security measures and optional use of mask.

  • Price
    17 €
  • Included services

    Visit to the Cava Centre with:

      • Large format audiovisuals.
      • Interaction with key moments of the world of Cava to solve a series of enigmas.
      • Phylloxera Festival Space.
      • Cava tasting.
      • Shop.

      At Vilarnau winery you will enjly from:

      • Guided tour through the facilities.
      • Explanations on the cava making process.
      • A commented cava tasting of different cavas from Vilarnau.
    • Timetable
      Weekends. Please check availability in advance.
    • Duration

      Cava Centre - 1 h
      Vilarnau Cava Winery - 1 h

    • Reservation

      Tel. +34 93 891 31 88 · Email.